DHF Society for Medical Humanities Application

    The Dartmouth Healthcare Foundations Society for Medical Humanities is a community dedicated to applying concepts and methods from the humanities and social sciences to the most pressing issues in contemporary healthcare. Foundations Society members will have access to an international community of learners pursuing a range of careers in healthcare, including clinical medicine, public health, research, and policy. Foundations Society members will learn from leaders in global health and faculty from the arts, humanities, and medical sciences to think holistically and creatively about healthcare using a humanistic approach.

    As a part of the Foundations Society, you will have opportunities to meet monthly in facilitated discussions with a variety of faculty and students from around the world interested in healthcare,. In this learning community, you will work through selected readings, and refine your perspectives on healthcare topics, and create a network of committed scholars. We see this as an opportunity to support students in developing language and skills as they prepare to enter their healthcare careers. 

    Foundations Society members are invited to participate in monthly Foundations Conversations and the Eichler ’57 Foundations in Medicine and the Humanities Seminar Series hosted by Dr. Manish K. Mishra, M.D., M.P.H. and Prof. Elizabeth Carpenter-Song, Ph.D. at Dartmouth College. Foundations Conversations are held on the third Tuesday of each month 12-1 pm Eastern. The Medicine and Humanities Seminar is typically held on the last Wednesday of each month (but may vary to accommodate speaker schedules), 6-7 pm Eastern. Both are held via Zoom.

    Who is eligible to apply? Undergraduate, graduate students, and early-career professionals from any university with an interest in pursuing careers in healthcare.

    Expectations for Society members.
    Society members can receive verification of participation in the Society by meeting the following criteria of attendance during any one academic year beginning July 1 and ending June 30.
    • Attend at least two Eric Eichler ’57 Foundations in Medicine and Humanities Seminars. Each month, experts from the Arts, Sciences, Humanities, and global leaders will guide you to think holistically and creatively about healthcare using a humanistic approach.
    • Attend at least one Foundations Conversations meeting (held the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 12:00 p.m. ET). Foundations Conversations is a learning and professional development opportunity for our network of students and alumni to reflect upon and talk about recent Foundations events or current events that impact healthcare.

    To join the Foundations Society, please fill out the application below. There is no deadline to apply; applications will be reviewed upon receipt.

    We look forward to meeting you!
    1. Please write your essays before beginning the application. Then return to complete the application and paste your essay into the provided space.

    The application consists of three essay questions. Each response is limited to 200 words.
    • Describe a personal experience that has shaped your interests in healthcare and medicine.
    • What challenges have you seen or experienced within healthcare currently? And what do you envision your role(s) could be in addressing these challenges?
    • How do you see the connection between social justice and healthcare?
    2. Submit a copy of your current resume to healthcare.foundations@dartmouth.edu
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    Academic History
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    Please provide the name, phone number, and email address of a professional reference (Professor, Supervisor, etc.):
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